Top Attractions And Activities In Finland

A country that has many beautiful lakes and offers a great variety of activities, Finland will be a perfect place for you to visit. This article talks about the top attractions and activities that you can find in Finland.

Top Attraction

1. The Sibelius Monument: 

The Sibelius Monument is a towering granite obelisk dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, located in the center of Helsinki. The monument was built in 1929 and is one of Helsinki’s most popular tourist destinations. The monument is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Admission is free.

If you’re looking for a stunning view of downtown Helsinki, the Sibelius Monument is the perfect spot. The 66-meter-tall obelisk stands above the cityscape, offering stunning panoramas of both the capital and the Gulf of Finland. Visitors can climb to the top for an unbeatable 360-degree view of Helsinki and its surroundings.

The monument also features an exhibit on Sibelius’ life and work, as well as a library and cafe. If you’re feeling energetic, take a walk around downtown Helsinki while enjoying the sights and sounds of live music coming from some of Helsinki’s favorite bars and restaurants.

2. Suomenlinna Fortress:

Finland’s top attraction is undoubtedly the Suomenlinna Fortress, located on an island in Helsinki. The fortress was built by Sweden in the early 17th century and served as a vital defense against Russia for over 200 years. Finland regained control of the fortress in 1809 and has since preserved it as a national monument. Today, visitors can explore the castle grounds, take historical tours, or simply enjoy stunning views of the city from atop the walls.

Top Activity

1. Reindeer Petting:

If you’re looking for a winter activity that will keep you entertained for hours on end, look no further than visiting Finland and getting involved in some traditional reindeer petting. You can find herds of these majestic animals all over the country, and most tourist offices will be happy to provide you with a list of reputable locations and in this trip you can play Kalyan Chart game for your entertenment

Simply wander around until you find a spot where the reindeer are close enough to be touched, and take advantage of the opportunity to give them a good rub down before allowing them to move on. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other activities available in Finland during the winter months, such as skiing or snowboarding. So whether you’re looking for some pure fun or something more educational, Finland is definitely the place to go.

2. Sailing in the Archipelago:

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity to do in Finland, look no further than sailing. There are countless places to sail around the country, and each one has its own unique set of attractions.

One of the best places to sail is the archipelago. The archipelago consists of over 1,000 islands, and there are plenty of places to explore. You can sail around the islands or take a ferry from one island to another.

There are also plenty of other activities available in Finland that will keep you busy. You can skiing in Lapland, biking through Tampere National Park, hiking in Sápmi National Park, or fishing in some of Finland’s many lakes and rivers.


Finland is a country full of natural beauty, amazing wildlife, and thrilling activities. Whether you’re looking for things to do during your stay in Finland or just want to learn more about the country, these are some of the top attractions and activities that should be on your list. So read on for a comprehensive guide to some of the best things to do in Finland!

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