Best Places to Visit at Night in Dubai 


Dubai is one of the most favourite and stunning places for many people around the world. Dubai’s nightlife is one kind of an experience. The whole city looks lit with people, events, games and other touristy things. 

5 Stunning Places to Visit in Dubai at Night 

  1. Burj Khalifa 
  2. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek 
  3. Night Desert Safari 
  4. Global Village Dubai 
  5. Dubai Fountain 

Every place is very unique and beautiful. All these places in Dubai are worth the money and worth visiting. From sky-high buildings, marine world, desert safari and stunning cruise travel! Experience all the places without a choice!


  1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa needs no introduction. The tallest building in the world can be unbelievably stunning at night. The whole building is lit up with colourful lights and during some special occasions, it looks stunning with themed images. You can travel all the way up to the top and enjoy the inestimable view of Dubai city. This is a must-visit place in Dubai at night if you are planning your Dubai tour packages. 


  1. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise in the creek is a luxurious cruise ride in the Dubai Marina. On this cruise, you can tour the lake for 3 hours. This is famous for dinner on the cruise. You can enjoy an elaborate buffet dinner on the cruise with the stunning view of the city lights reflecting on the waters. This is completely worth the money you pay because you can admire the Dubai Skyline for three hours at just AED 75 

(INR 1715). There are also some packages that include a desert safari and pick up and drop options. You can customise accordingly and enjoy the night! 

  1. Night Desert Safari

Night desert safari is one of the most important things to do in Dubai. After you book the tickets, you will be taken to the desert in the evening and served some snacks and drinks. Then, you can take a ride on a camel around the desert or you can even ride an ATV on your own. After the adventurous desert tour, you can enjoy a bonfire in the cold desert. Finally, enjoy barbecued meat with some amazing sides and rice and enjoy the belly dance show. This ensemble of unique activities is a very common thing to do in Dubai at night! 

  1. Global Village Dubai

Global Village is another famous landmark for Dubai. It is a huge multi-cultural theme park with plenty of cultural shows, street foods, replicas of the world wonders and famous cities, carousel rides, carnivals and uncountable shopping stops. This is a must visit place that looks absolutely stunning at night. You can just stroll down the whole park, eat delicious street food and have fun riding on carnival rides. Make sure you visit this place on your next Dubai tour! 

  1. Dubai Fountain

Dubai fountains are something that you can experience only at night. After a tiring day of touring the city, you can stop at the Burj Khalifa manmade lake to witness the dazzling fountain show. The show starts at 6 and ends at 11. . It is a choreographed fountain dance show that lasts only for 5 minutes. During this show, the fountains gush out with colourful lights projecting on it. After dancing for the beats the fountains settle down again. This show takes place every half an hour from 6 to 11 in the night. Do not forget to experience this stunning show on your Dubai tour! 

All the places have something unique and have more to show you. All the above said places are difficult to compare and choose. The world’s biggest mall, aquarium, tallest building, stunning beaches, cold deserts and cruise trips will sweep you off your feet! Include all the places in your Dubai tour package to experience a wholesome vacation!


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