Choosing The Right Commercial Storefront Windows

Opting for the most suitable storefront window for any commercial building is an important part of the project, whether a remodel or a new build. While selecting your desired shop front, note that it often makes the first impression for people entering your building, even people passing by the building.

Another purpose of storefront glass is not to let natural lighting into the building. Any shopfront can have a door with no windows, but the result isn’t always aesthetically pleasing. In many buildings, glass storefronts serve functional purposes, while some are mainly for aesthetics, creating flowing lines and appealing visuals.

Executive suites and office buildings use storefront windows to enable people outside to see much of what goes on in the building. Besides more lighting, storefront windows make a space less confined for the building’s occupants.

For retail buildings, storefront windows help to showcase their products and display signage communicating the type of services rendered. The storefront serves a dual purpose because it aids marketing.

Regardless of the business type and the building, getting the right commercial storefront window can make a huge difference, creating a visually appealing space and serving other purposes.

Tips for choosing the right commercial storefront windows

You may not have a detailed understanding of glazing, commercial storefront window installation and commercial glass, and you can leave the choice to a contractor, but it is important to consider some factors to make the right decision.

The material used

The material for a storefront window covers the frame and glass material, including the doors in the storefront. Different glasses with varying levels of safety and manufacturing process are available. The common frame types are made with aluminium, but vinyl and wood are effective for several commercial storefronts.

The level of security needed

Glasses differ in colour, type and level of security provided. Generally, security glass is suitable for storefront windows. Unlike the standard window glass, security glass does not break into small and sharp pieces because it has an external or internal laminate that holds the glass together.

Usually, security glass appears as a spider web when it breaks. You can also consider tempered glass, designed to crumble when it breaks to give rounded glass with smooth edges when broken. The pieces reduce injury to anyone around the glass if it gets broken.

Energy efficiency

High-efficiency windows can reduce your utility bills, increasing the business’s profitability. The energy efficiency of commercial glass is often measured by the heat loss and gain rate, including the rate of transmitting sunlight into the building using these metrics.

U-factor- the rate a window conducts non-solar heat flow.

Solar heat gain coefficient- the amount of solar radiation a window lets in.

Air leakage- The rate of air movement around a window in specific pressure difference across the window.

Sun exposure

In a building sun exposure varies, depending on the direction of the storefront, the amount of vegetation around the building and the building’s location. Sun exposure on a storefront can determine the frame’s lifespan.

Most glasses are resistant to UV exposure, but intense and prolonged exposure to sunlight will affect the frame regardless of the frame’s material.

The amount of sunlight entering a building the window glass will affect cooling and heating cycles inside the building. ‘


A good impression of a commercial building starts from the aesthetics of the storefront windows. Modern commercial glazing offers a wide range of window options and styles of storefronts.

You can choose from curved glass panels, glass walls, arched entryways, folding doors, and several functional, energy-efficient, visually appealing, and safe options.

Accessing commercial glazing services in London from SG Commercial Glaziers will provide you with professionals who can fit the perfect storefront windows for your shop or commercial building.

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