The best Christmas crackers & Companies of 2022


One of the numerous Christmas traditions we all look forward to on December 25th is pulling Christmas crackers. By becoming a part of your Christmas table’s cape, they also provide your festive dining table an extra-special appearance. 

Our top luxury Christmas crackers list offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for crackers with lovely things inside or prefer something with a personal touch.

Over 150 years ago, a cunning baker in London’s East End named Tom smith Christmas crackers created the first Christmas cracker. Some of the earliest examples of this well-liked paper oddity can be found in our collections.

The best Christmas cracker is the one that brings your Christmas table settings to life. Formal, silly, vintage, luxury or traditional, there are styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Where crackers used to be extremely eco-unfriendly, this year that is not the case. The best crackers I’ve found tend to be glitter-free (or to use eco glitter) and recyclable except for the bows, which can be reused. The gifts inside them are no longer plastic rubbish, but things you can use.

1) John Lewis’s $30 Xylophone Musical Christmas Crackers

Families who want something a little different this year and some holiday family fun will love these gorgeous, rainbow-colored crackers. Each of the eight crackers includes the hat, joke, and xylophone piece that make up your band. 

With sheet music included for all eight songs, kids will especially enjoy learning to play a few Christmas carols. There aren’t many alternatives to the iPad or a box of crayons for keeping kids occupied at dinner tables, but this holiday musical set is an original approach to engage the whole family in activities between meals.

2) Lakeland Christmas Crackers

Visitors will take a souvenir from the table reminiscent of the Nutcracker dance. Because many families enjoy attending the ballet at Christmas, the Nutcracker has earned a reputation for spreading holiday cheer. 

With six handcrafted crackers that include hand-painted Nutcracker soldiers and a hanging loop that can be used to hang them from your tree, you can bring that magic to your Christmas dinner. 

Each Nutcracker is unique, so if you share a home with someone, you’ll have an entire set. Additionally, each cracker is made of entirely recyclable card that is glitter- and foil-free, allowing you to throw the leftovers right into the bin after dinner.

3) Crystal Christmas Crackers in clear

Talk about luxury! You will be astounded by these small gifts, as will your guests. Earrings, a reindeer brooch, a shark bottle opener, and aftershave are a few examples. Did we also mention that some of them are made with Swarovski crystals?

4) Very Miniature Chocolate Christmas Crackers from Hotel Chocolat

These decadently delicious Christmas crackers go great with dessert. Consider serving this set of ten crackers from Hotel Chocolat if your guests want a dinner table full of food they can eat. 

There is a tiny space on each cracker where guests’ names can be written, which is a sweet touch. The crackers contain some of the brand’s most well-known chocolates, such as the Pecan Praline and Salted Caramel Cream, and the contents are chosen randomly. 

Due to their miniature size, the crackers will fit nicely on your tree branches in the run-up to Christmas. Observe for chocolate thieves, please.

5) Christmas crackers with whiskey and gin

When you break out these Christmas crackers this season, you’ll no doubt amuse your visitors. Inside, you’ll find a variety of premium spirits, including whiskey, gin, and rum.

6) The Whitley Neill Gin Crackers 

While Buck’s Fizz is the traditional Christmas table libation, many Christmas tables will use flavor-infused gins this year due to their recent spike in popularity. 

Several of their favorite flavors, like Rhubarb & Ginger, and Pink Grapefruit, have been combined by Whitley Neill to make a lovely assortment of single-portion gin crackers. 

These are unquestionably the greatest Christmas crackers for your table if your party is strictly for adults over 18.

7) Acrobatic Spinning Bug Crackers 

An acrobatic spinning bug on wheels may be found within these six colorful crackers. You also receive a tissue paper crown, play instructions, and a joke. The bugs can compete against one another, race, spin, or be stacked.

These are the greatest Christmas crackers you can purchase this year, based on reviews. One satisfied customer remarked, “Excellent quality and much more enjoyable than the typical useless random crap in crackers.” 

The company offers so many options that it was tough for me to decide which to purchase, but I will undoubtedly return for another look the following year.


You should continue your family’s long-standing holiday practice of using Christmas crackers. You should get extra festive this year and include them in your holiday celebrations if this is your first exposure to them, especially if you want to host.

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