Top 5 Most Useful Tips for Residential Moving

Moving is a complex operation and should be done with care and logic. An impulsive or hasty move can lead to many inconveniences and even permanent damage to the items being moved.

We want to help you avoid any unpleasant situations with these tips for moving.

The right packaging is important

The packing of all the items to be moved is the first step. It is best to have several boxes that are different in size and weight. For fragile or heavy items, it is better to use “triple layer” cartons.

However, you can use thinner cartons for plates, mirrors, glasses, and other fragile items. It is best to use a shockproof material.

For all other objects, it is enough to fill the box with an old newspaper that can be used both to fill and to protect from any shocks. It’s important to know how long will moving companies store your stuff.

It is also important to mark the contents with a marker so you can easily identify them without opening them. This will enable you to store the boxes in the correct rooms during unloading in your new home or office.

Select the best mode of transport

Another critical factor when moving is what means of transportation are used to transport the objects. Although it may seem like a way to save money, it can also be counterproductive to large removals. You can’t use your car to transport large items.

It is expensive and time-consuming. Large vans are much more convenient for loading and unloading. You should book a van at least a few days in advance if you are planning to use it.

Get some useful tools

We know that many condominiums don’t have an elevator. However, it is not a good idea to block it for any reason. This could cause inconvenience for the other roommates.

  1. Going up the stairs. This requires considerable effort and time.
  2. You can rent ladders, platforms, ladder trucks, and elevators. These tools make it possible to move objects from the house into the van without affecting the traffic. This allows the parcels to be quickly and easily lowered from the window or balcony and placed in the van.

Insure yourself against damage

Moving house by yourself can lead to damage to items, even if they are of low value. If you do find damaged objects upon arrival, you can notify the company’s foreman and you will be compensated for the damages. But how much does pod storage cost?

Logically arranged store parcels

You will arrive at your destination with your parcels intact. This will save you time and energy. To complete your move, we offer one final piece of advice.

Place the parcels whose contents have been marked immediately in the rooms where they belong. Make sure to keep the walls clear so that you can store all your items.

We conclude by saying that while you may see the benefits of moving on your own, it will not save you money.

However, you can save money in the long term by hiring professionals such as Perfect Timing Moving. It will make the process quick and simple, and you will likely also be saving money. 

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