10 Key features your customer portal needs

Customers have a single point of access to company information through a customer portal, which is a self-service option. Basic customer portals don’t demand a login from the user and might merely provide publicly accessible general information. A customer portal provides various advantages for service delivery, including access to company information and invoices, orders, and feedback. Due to encryption features, a customer portal enables users to securely upload and access sensitive information, such as bank account information or their home address. A client portal offers more features, such as higher file size restrictions than other customer service methods like SMS and emails, making it simpler to submit higher-quality files and documents.

customer portal development is quite helpful in various organizations, including banks, travel operators, colleges, hospitals, and retail chains. Numerous enterprises and sectors use client portals. In this post, you can see the key features your customer portal needs:

Dashboard with activity updates 

Having an internal dashboard with updates for any group activities is a terrific method to keep everyone on the portal informed. With the aid of a dashboard, your technicians and clients should be able to keep track of the progress of all open and resolved tickets and filter the information using criteria like the type of ticket, the technician who handled it, etc.

One-click sign in 

Enhancing customer service is the main objective of a customer portal. Better service entails effortless communication with the company and quick access to the most recent information. Therefore, more than having an online login option is required. It is essential to ensure that customers can sign in quickly and easily. For example, a new user can fill out the complete registration form by hand, including the user’s name, birthdate, age, category, and other information.

It must be seamless and quick. As a result, include a social login function that will let users sign up and log in using their social media identities. Add efficient user administration so that users may upload and update their accounts.

Responsive Layout

Customers can access a responsive customer portal on their phones after hours or from laptops during business hours. It is impossible to foresee how they will use the service. They may prefer mobile devices to other types of access to the portal. And if you allow them to use the computer to conduct proper actions, you lose their faith. If you do the customer portal development with a responsive layout, ensure the style is constant and responsive.

Search Option

Customers can access pertinent information by using a search icon on a customer portal. They can look up forums, discussion threads, and knowledge-base material quickly. They can find answers soon without wasting time manually searching, thanks to it.

Ensure the suggestions related to the search display in real-time when introducing the search option. Add as many search choices as you can that let users search inside particular categories so that the visitors can click on the pertinent content and discover the suitable stuff.

Collaborative tools 

Real-time collaboration, when working remotely, is incredibly beneficial and much easier. The ability to quickly reassign tickets, move them to different queues, and keep everyone informed about their roles in the workflow should all be possible through a high-quality client portal.

FAQs and self-help features

Users of the portal may occasionally have inquiries about features, functioning, or technical problems they are experiencing. As a result, you should offer some FAQ or help section as a resource so that your techs won’t constantly have to spend time retraining clients in using some of the fundamental features and functionalities.

A crucial component of any client portal is the quick and easy uploading and downloading of files. This essential component of collaborative work may be utilized to build library resources for clients and staff. This involves managing documents like SLAs, and various compliance regulation forms regularly employed in the sector.

Branding capabilities

A client portal’s sense of customization and further personalization are enhanced by adding branding features. Such features include, for instance, the ability to create unique logos and color schemes and a unique domain name and portal. If it appears as though you are providing the services rather than a different third-party organization that created the software, your clients will be more comfortable using your offerings.

Customer forum

Through the use of forums, companies can create online communities where clients can communicate, assist one another, and exchange best practices. Your support staff can save a tonne of time this way. The online community and other users with the same problems might offer assistance to customers.

Aside from that, this group of people might serve as your support system. It might spark new business concepts. You can discover what your customers think of your goods and services and what they would like to see.

Knowledge Base

Self-service is important to the generation that was raised in the digital age. Consumers have high expectations of brands, whether they are seeking information or a solution. As a result, you must provide customers exceptional service with the least amount of human interaction. They need user guides that are easy to use, clear instructions on how to use the portal and the product, and a sizable, up-to-date database of frequently asked questions.

The content now acts as the beginning point for the purchasing and problem-solving processes, making it imperative that you grant them access to a searchable knowledge base. It is advisable to include documentation, frequently asked questions, blogs, videos, articles, manuals, user guides, and other types of content.

Ask for direct feedback

Asking for and gathering consumer feedback is beneficial, despite how straightforward it may seem. Customers will feel more involved and invested in these initiatives success if you ask for their feedback because it shows them that your company values their opinion.

Final thoughts

Thus the above details are about the key features your customer portal needs. If you have a customer portal with the above-described features, it will allow you to improve the relationship with your customers and help you to attract a lot of new clients.

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