A Detailed Guide to Sondai Fort Trek


Sondai isn’t such a famous fort near Karjat Chowk Phata. Sondai Fort Trek is nine kilometers from Karjat road station. It offers a beautiful view of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri castles, Karnala Fort, and the Matheran mountain range. Sondai Fort Karjat was used as a watchtower to cover the trade routes. Sondewadi and Wavarle are the base townlets of Sondai fort. Sondewadi village is positioned at 1/ 4th height of this Fort. 

There are two water turns on, and the way is sculpted out of jewels to go to the topmost point where the hero of Sondai Devi stands. Two further water tuns are on the way and have drinkable water. Waverley is another village from where a bit delicate approach to the stronghold passes through the thick forest.

From where the Journey Start

Sondai journey, an iron graduation, has been installed. It has made the rise till the peak to seek the blessing of Sondai Devi temple safer for all the hikers and addicts. 

Amidst some of the lower-known lodestones in Karjat, the Sondai Fort is a not-so-notorious stronghold near Karjat, Maharasthra, and is notorious for getting callers magical with audacious trekking guests, especially during showers.

Used as a watchtower formerly, the Sondai Fort offers a beautiful view of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri castles, Karnala Fort, and the Matheran mountain range. Bespeak this fun touring experience to Sondai Fort and decompress amidst the mesmerizing views of the Matheran Mountain range which comprises green geographies and foggy zenith. 


  •  Hop on to this instigative stronghold journey which is driven every Saturday and Sunday. 
  • The journey can profit on two packages depending upon your choice of transportation mode. 
  •  For those who wish to conclude the” with transportation” package, you’ll get picked up from the below-mentioned pick-up points and taken to the base village from where the journey begins. 
  •  For those who wish to conclude with the” without transportation” package, you’ll have to reach the base vill on your own. 
  •  You’ll be accompanied by a professional journey leader that will be aiding you with a safe and hassle-free experience. 
  • After a brief preface, begin your journey to the peak of the Sondai Fort and cut through the beautiful pathways. 
  •  Reach the top and explore the beautiful surroundings, capture the classic views the peep from the shadows. 
  •  The package is inclusive of a veg Breakfast mess to get you up and going for the touring stomach on a light stomach. 


  •  Bespeak this instigative thunderstorm journey to the Sondai Fort near Karjat that offers stunning views from 1200ft. above the ocean position 
  •  Reach the top and substantiation the view of Gavari hill and the beauty of Matheran Mountain range from the peak 
  •  Take part in this journey with an educated and friendly companion that will be aiding you throughout the journey 
  • Traverse through the off-beat trails and climb the way sculpted out of jewels to go to the topmost point where the hero of Sondai Devi stands. 

 Things to See on Sondai Fort Trek 

  •  Multiple Water Tanks 
  • Goddess Sondai Temple 
  •  Two Iron Ladders 
  •  View of Matheran Mountain Range 
  •  Morbe Dam 
  • Camping/ Accommodation Facility Top area of Sondai stronghold is veritably small and so boarding isn’t possible on top. There’s an open table just before the first iron graduation and this table is a stylish place for camping. 
  •  Food/ Water installation There aren’t any hospices near Sondewadi village. nevertheless, Arrangements of food and water can be done by the People of Sondewadi village. Water installation isn’t available in Sondai stronghold. 

 Trek route & Difficulty 

  • Sondai stronghold is considered one of the easiest journeys in Maharashtra and the best journey for someone starting on their hiking trip. 
  •  The distance from the base village to the top of the stronghold is around1.7 km & it’ll take anywhere between 2 –2.5 hours for an average person to complete the journey. 
  •  Because of the position of the journey, you don’t bear an original companion. 
  •  The trail starts from a parking spot at the base vill and is a gradational rise of 10- 15 mins until the first table. 
  • The 2nd part of the trail is through timber, and also you reach a point where you have to cross two tricky gemstone sections, which lead to the 3rd part & final part of the journey. 
  •  This 3rd part has two staircases along the route, after which you reach the top of the Sondai stronghold. 

 There are shops opened by locals throughout the journey immolation water, snacks, fruits & nimbu paani. 

 Things to Carry 

  • 2/3 liters of water. 
  •  Proper face mask or guard. 
  •  Sanitizer. 
  •  Packed lunch for the journey 
  •  Touring Shoes give further grip and comfort on the journey. 
  •  One Day Backpack 20 to 30 liters. 
  •  A good Torch must with an extra battery. 
  •  Some Dry fruits Dry Snacks Energy Bars. 
  • Glucon D/ ORS/ Tang/ Gatorade sachets. 
  •  Sun Cap and Sunscreen. 
  •  Personal First aid and Personal Medicine. 
  •  Identity Proof. 
  • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pants this will cover from Summer Sun/ Thorns/ Insects/ Prickles.

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