Real Girls Project (리얼걸프로젝트) – Lost In The Summer (재인&정주) Lyrics [Hangul & Romanization]

Album: 아이돌마스터.KR (The Idolmaster KR) OST PART 1
Genres: 드라마 / OST
Track No: 04
Label: 인터렉티브미디어믹스 / Sony Music
Release date: 2017.05.15
Language: English

I’m drifting away
Wish I could be with you baby
Just sit in the sun with you
on a summer day

Gimme your hand take me to
Somewhere where I can be with you
Take me to the moon
Take me to the otherside

So baby
One two three, Touch me a little bit
four five six
kiss me again

Cuz baby lately, I been, I been waiting
Waiting for someone like you
And maybe I’ll go, I’ll go crazy
When I’m with you

So let’s get lost in the summer
Let’s get lost in the summer

Cuz baby lately, l been, I been waiting
Will you be
Summer love