IU (아이유) – 을의 연애 Love of B (with Park Ju-won (박주원)) Lyrics [Hangul + Romanized & English Translation]

Album: Modern Times
Genres: 댄스 / 가요 Dance
Track No: 01
Label: 로엔엔터테인먼트
Release date: 2013.10.08
Language: Korean


뻔히 봐놓고 답장은 안 해
얼마나 바쁘시길래
끝나고 뭐해 얼굴 좀 볼까
오늘 우리 얘기 좀 해

언뜻 패턴은 비슷하지만
연애 초기 그것관 달라
모른 척 해도 이건 더 이상
밀고 당기기가 아냐

미묘한 신경전들이 더는 필요치 않은 사이
늘어질 대로 늘어져가는 Running time

눈칠 살피며 시간만 끌어
애태우는 저의가 뭐야
유통기한은 끝난 지 오래
상해도 한참 상했지

혀 끝을 지나기도 전에 벌써 지루해져 버린 내 이름
애인스럽게 불려본 게 언제던가 짠해

다시 끓기도 푹 식히기도
뜻뜨미적지근한 온도
끝이 보이질 않는 이 눈치 게임
하루도 더 못해 그래 내가 졌어
에라이 비겁한 남자야


ppeonhi bwanohgo dabjang-eun an hae
eolmana bappeusigillae
kkeutnago mwohae eolgul jom bolkka
oneul uli yaegi jom hae

eontteus paeteon-eun biseushajiman
yeon-ae chogi geugeosgwan dalla
moleun cheog haedo igeon deo isang
milgo dang-gigiga anya

mimyohan singyeongjeondeul-i deoneun pil-yochi anh-eun sai
neul-eojil daelo neul-eojyeoganeun Running time

nunchil salpimyeo siganman kkeul-eo
aetaeuneun jeouiga mwoya
yutong-gihan-eun kkeutnan ji olae
sanghaedo hancham sanghaessji

hyeo kkeut-eul jinagido jeon-e beolsseo jiluhaejyeo beolin nae ileum
aeinseuleobge bullyeobon ge eonjedeonga jjanhae

dasi kkeulhgido pug sighigido
tteustteumijeogjigeunhan ondo
kkeut-i boijil anhneun i nunchi geim
haludo deo moshae geulae naega jyeoss-eo
elai bigeobhan namjaya


You clearly saw my text but there’s no answer
Just how busy are you?
What’re you doing afterwards? Wanna meet up?
Let’s talk

The pattern is similar but
It’s different from the beginning of our relationship
I could pretend to not notice but
This isn’t about playing hard to get

We don’t need the subtle mind games anymore
It’s dragging and dragging, our running time

We’re carefully eyeing each other and wasting time
What is your real intention of making me anxious?
It’s been long since our expiration date has passed
Our relationship has completely spoiled

Even before it rolls off the tip of your tongue, my name already sounds so boring
When was the last time you called my name like a lover? So sad

Can’t make things boiling hot or completely cooled
The temperature is at a lukewarm state
There is no end to these mind games
I can’t do this for another day, fine, I lost
Ugh, you coward


Hangul & Rom: Kagasa
English: popgasa