Beas Kund Trek- Mysterious Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous attractions for tourist destinations in India, guarded by the Himalayas. It is mainly famous for its beautiful landscapes, and adventurous activities which include paragliding, skiing, treks, hot spring, 

Trekking is one of the most beautiful things to do in India, especially in Himachal Pradesh providing lush valleys, winding rivers, snow-capped peaks, rugged roads, and remote villages is truly exciting. 

Beas Kund trek

  • Beas Kund trek height: 12,772 ft
  • Beas Kund trek distance: 16 km
  • Temperature: Day: 17°C to -5°C.


Beas Kund is mainly associated with the holy legend, this trek leads to the peak of the Himalayas by covering a very short distance. 


Beas Kund is located in the Kullu Valley. The grasslands and snow-capped peaks of the Pir Panjar range surround this glacial lake.

Beas Kund allows you to travel through the green grasslands and scenic beauty of tall snow-covered mountains. Beas Kund takes you through the Solang Nallah, famous for skiing and paragliding followed by the meadows of Dhundi and Bakarthach.

Beas Kund Trek height is 12,140 feet above sea level This trek is mostly known for its easy treks and short distances showing you the view of the Pir Panjal Range and bringing you close to the glaciers.


Beas Kund Trek

The trek starts from Dundi (21 km from Manali) or Solang Valley (about 13 km from Manali). The road to Dundi is passable so you can drive there and start your trek.

Start early as you have to climb about 1798 feet in elevation. Only about a mile away, it’s a steep climb to Beas Kund. The trail is well-marked and fairly unforgiving. But the surrounding mountain and forest views stay with you.

Beas Kund trek distance from Manali is 15.1 km.

Beas Kund trek distance from Delhi is 604.3 km.


The Beas Kund Trek-best time to visit

Beas Kund is a tour, you can visit at any time of the year, but the summer season is considered the peak season and attraction of many novice hikers from all over the country. 

Beas Kund Trek-best time to visit is between Mid-May and Mid-October. The weather is quite moderate, which makes making trekking easy. During this time visitors can see beautiful paths with streams and green forests. The view of the many snow-capped peaks from the terminus may also help trekkers bookmark new adventures.

During May, the snow starts to melt, making the trails clear but leaving ice-laden pathways.

For Beginners, mid-May to July-end is a good time to go for the Beas Kund trek. August and the start of September when heavy monsoon lashes these parts of the Himalayas, these parts should be avoided by beginners.

Mid-September to late October can be chilly, but a good time to plan your trails before winter sets in. Profit Trekker also attempts this in winter when the entire route is covered with several meters of snow. However, there are many obstacles during this period, so it is not recommended for trekking beginners.


Beas Kund Trek Route

If you are coming from Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, or Gujarat to another city and need to come to Delhi, flights from Delhi to Bunta are easily available.

The Beas Kund Trek Route commences from Manali and leads to Dhundi at 3,150 meters via Solang Nallah. The route from Dhundi winds upward to Bakarthach, which is at an elevation of 3,300 meters and leads to Beas Kund trek route after a gradual climb over the moraine

By Air

Himalayan trekker should reach their destination within 2 hours. Bhuntar, Kullu Airport is the nearest airport to Manali, about 32km away from Manali city. There are flights to Bunta Airport and tickets can be booked online. These are simple and easy methods and also save time. If flights to Bunta Airport are quite expensive, and also it is easier to fly to Delhi or take a bus from Delhi to Manali.

Taxis from Buntar to Manali are available at the airport 24 hours a day, and many Volvo buses are also available.

By Bus

You can get to Manali by bus from Delhi. (Delhi) Get off at Kashmir Gate, ISBT, or Chandigarh bus station, better to book a seat. It takes 10-11 hours by bus from Delhi to Manali Bus Station near Mall Road. These are some ways to Beas Kund trek route, but if you want more adventure in your journey you can go by bike or car, it may make your journey long but more memorable.

Things to carry for your trip

  1. Food and Water

It is advised to carry your own water for the trek as there is less possibility of getting a continuous water supply. Also, if not trekking with a group, it is suggested that you carry your own food as there are no eating outlets on the way.

  1. Shelter Options

It is best to carry your own camping tents as no other means of staying are available along this route.

  1. Trekking Shoes
  2. Warm Clothes, along with sunscreen, sunglasses, and caps or hats.
  3.  personal medical and first aid kit
  4.  extra batteries
  5. Personal toiletries

Beas Kund Trek Package

The Beas Kund Ex Solang is Rs 4499/- 

Beas Kund Ex Manali is Rs 5499/- 

Delhi – Delhi: 6,999/-

Things to visit in Beas Kund

  1. Manali

Manali is the base destination of Beas Trek. If you plan to explore Manali then besides the famous tourist attractions, then you must visit the villages of Shanag and Burwa, located a few km above Old Manali.

  1. Solang

Solang is called ‘the crown of Kullu valley’. It is located at a height of 8,400 feet, and famous for its snow sports, paragliding, and Gondola ride at the Solang ground. Beas river also flows through it.

  1. Dhundi

Dhundi is the last village of Solang valley, it is 8kms away from Solang village. The green meadows start from here and their beauty increases with increase in the altitude till Bakar Thach.

  1. The Beas Kund Glacier

Beas Kund glacier is visible much before reaching Bakarthach and that’s what kept us going during the rain and strong winds. 

  1. The Kund

Kund is a pristine glacial lake, in the middle of snow-covered mountains. The local people states that the narrator of Mahabharat, Rishi Ved Vyas took bath in this lake daily. 


This hike is perfect for those looking for a great scenic hike. Beas Kund Trek is one of the most famous places in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy. Visiting Himachal and not visiting this trek, then you will miss the beauty of this place. But if you visit there keep a few things in mind, you should not consume any alcohol or any other intoxicants on the trek, and it is an eco-friendly zone, try not to litter the area.
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